We're no strangers to flooding, that's for sure, but a guy in Austin, Texas pretty much took getting flooded to a whole new level. This video was shot in Austin, Texas and, having lived there, I can tell you that, while Austin is nice and hilly, flash floods are pretty common in the low lying areas when they get heavy rain.

The guy in the video is named Kerry Packer and he did something you should never do when street flooding is present. He decided that the water couldn't possibly be too deep for his car and he tried to drive through it. Now, just looking at the video shot from inside his car, I'd say it should have been pretty obvious that the water was way too deep to drive through, but there you go.

Kerry took refuge in a tree and called for help, but while he was waiting, he called a TV station and did an interview. The newscasters were almost a full minute into the interview before they found out that Kerry was calling from his perch in a tree.

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