Do job interviews make you nervous? I know a lot of people that just tense right up during an interview and, as a result of the stress involved, they may not exactly be themselves during the interview process. It happens to all of us at one time or another.

I can remember interviewing with a film production company in Dallas and being asked, "If we hire you, where would you like to be in 10 years?" I looked him in the eye and gave him an honest answer. I told him, "I'd kind of like to have your job." I wasn't hired.

There is a site called Career Builder and, each year, they publish a list of the weirdest things people have done during job interviews and some of them make my stupid answer look pretty good. For example:

1.  One other worldly interviewee asked why the interviewer didn't like him. It seems the interviewee didn't like the interviewers aura.

2.  A guy devoured an entire pizza while answering questions.

3.  One interviewee must have really been keyed up because as the interview concluded, he asked the boss for the location of the nearest bar.

4. One obviously henpecked soul stopped the interview so he could call his wife and ask her if the salary was good enough. I'm sure this poor guys most often uttered phrase is a weak, "yes, dear."

5. Here's my favorite. One job hopeful proudly announced that his name had been in the paper that morning. When asked about it, he explained that he had been arrested for theft. Still, you gotta admire an honest man, I guess.


that's only part of the list. You can read more about it HERE









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