So you are upset with the Calcasieu Parish School Board for some reason? All you have to do is look to the West to realize that we have a pretty darn good school board.

getty images/Bethany Clarke

The Beaumont Independent School District (BISD) has been under quite a bit of fire lately. A story from KBMT-TV states that the FBI was raiding the home of Naomi Lawrence-Lee who is Assistant Director of Finance and Purchasing for BISD.  My question is why the school board even hire her and put her in this position after she was forced to resign  by Jefferson County after she used the county print shop to do work for her printing company.

And according to 12 News this is after BISD Finance Director Devin McCraney and former comptroller Shakira Allison were charged with embezzling $4 million from the school district.

The Texas Education Agency has recommended that the agency itself should take over and run the day to day operations of BISD. A group of doctors in Beaumont has appealed to the board and ask for the recommendation to be carried out.

Not that they needed it but this sure makes the Calcasieu Parish School Board look pretty good!


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