So Sunday is Father's Day. I am a dad so I feel I can speak with authority about what dad does and does not want for Father's day. It might surprise you.

father's day

A new survey printed at PTPA Media indicates the three worst gifts are socks and underwear, a tie, or forgetting dad all together. The survey indicated the best gifts are photos of the kids, handmade gifts and cards and just spending time the family.

Let's take that a little further. I bet dad would love a day fishing with the family. I bet dad would love to just chill and watch a ball game with the family. I bet dad would love to have the whole family hanging in the back yard while he grills.

I also came up with an idea that i bet would really blow dad away. Great dad's realize that their most important task is to teach their kids, so sit down and make out a list of everything you learned from your dad. Then give him the list in a card. That would be the best Father's day gift ever for most dads.


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