My brother called to ask me how far I was from Midland, Texas. I ask him why and he told me he had bid on an old police car in Midland and he might need someone to pick it up fr him. After I explained how big Texas is I ask him how much he bid. He told me $500. I was intrigued and ask where he found this car.

fire truck

He told me about I started exploring and found everything from fire trucks to fire arms, from garbage trucks to golf carts, from buses to barber chairs and lots more. I am looking for a used vehicle to use to launch my boat. I found an old garbage truck with a current bid of $100. I bet that would turn some heads .... me launching my boat with a garbage truck. I also found a street sweeper in Mobile for only $1,000. How would that look launching my boat?

There are a lot of deals on this web site. You have to be careful because you really don't know what condition it is in. I found a vintage 1952 fire truck currently at $1,100. The kids would love playing on it even if it does not run. You can spend a lot of time surfing here ... and spend a lot of money. Happy hunting.

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