Driving around town has been really frustrating lately, and I'm not talking about dealing with the construction. 

I'm talking about rude drivers who cut in front of  me while I'm trying to keep a safe distance between my vehicle and the one in front of me.  OK, some times I drive like the old guy in a big Buick that I am. While on Lake Street on the way home from work, as I tried to keep an intersection clear, a little gray car with its muffler about fall off  just zipped in ahead of me.  Then, when on Sale Road, a vehicle was next to me in the left turn lane...I blinked, and he was in front of me!!  Are you kidding??

On my way into work, a guy pulled out from behind me, only to make a left a few blocks ahead...got there three  seconds before I did.  Coming back from lunch, a guy pulled out from a cross street...but I have to give him the benefit of the doubt...his windows were tinted so dark he probably couldn't see me!

Anyway, for all of you drivers who feel like me, enjoy the vicarious thrill of being the driver of that tank!!