A 22 year-old waitress did a wonderful thing with absolutely no expectations of being paid back much less handsomely rewarded.

The woman's name is Sarah Hoidahl.  She's a 22-year-old single mother living with her mom.  One day she was waiting on two female soldiers, and they were trying to choose inexpensive menu items, because they weren't getting paid due to the government shutdown.

So Sarah decided to cover their tab, which came to $27.75.  Instead of a check, she gave them a note thanking them for their service.

Well, the women posted a picture of the note on Facebook, and that's how Ellen found out about it.

Ellen brought Sarah on her show Friday and gave her the $27.75.  Then she surprised Sarah by giving her a big-screen TV . . . and a check for another 10-GRAND.

A class move by Ellen and let's hear it for Sarah as well. The amount of money isn't what's important. Sarah showed true respect for two soldiers serving our country. Hats off to her.