Better to be safe than sorry.

Our media partners at KATC-TV 3 report that authorities had to evacuate a street in Amelia, La. after someone allegedly put an object under the porch of a house.

The St. Mary Parish Sheriff's Office and the Amelia Vol. Fire Department responded to a call on  Barrow St. in Amelia Saturday morning to check out an unknown object.

The homeowner told authorities that they received a video of an unknown object, which was wrapped in a bandana, being tossed under their front porch.

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KATC reports, "Out of an abundance of caution and in concordance with law enforcement protocol, the residents were evacuated, and the affected area of Barrow Street was closed to the public."

The Louisiana State Police Hazmat Division and Bomb Division also responded to the residence and they were able to locate the object under the porch.

It was later determined that an EGG was wrapped in the bandana and residents were able to return to their homes on the street.

According to KATC's report, the incident involving the egg remains under investigation.


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