At one time in it's history, Duck Dynasty attracted over 11 million viewers. According to the latest TV ratings, the show now attracts about half that.

Are the rating suffering because of Phil Robertson's comments, or has the show just run it's course?

Wednesday's episode only drew 4.7 million viewers, making it "Duck Dynasty's" weakest turnout in 16 months, since November of 2012.  It also ends a streak of 33 straight episodes with more than 5 million viewers.

I prefer to think that the decline is just natural erosion. It should come as no surprise seems the press wants people to believe that the show is suffering because of Robertson's Christian viewpoint. Personally, I think that opinion is strictly a matter of the press wanting it to be because of Robertson's Christian beliefs.

The media just loves stuff like that. The message behind it all is; It's okay to be any religion you want except Christian. How often do you see Muslim beliefs criticized in the Hollywood media. Have you ever read an article saying that someone's career was in decline because they were Jewish? Of course you haven't.


I doubt that very many of the shows fans found the Christian comments offensive in the least. Still, the media wants to lead us all to think twice about espousing anything even remotely Christian.

That's just my two cents.


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