As I understand it, to get a drivers license in this state, one must complete drivers education. Well, now that makes me wonder, "Who the hell is teaching these people how to drive."

Confession: I talk to other drivers when I see them doing stupid things. I can't help it. It must be some weird form of turrets because it just comes out of me. It's not at all unusual for me to let out with a , "Nice move moron" or "The lights green butt head." I have even shouted at other drivers from time to time.

When I get behind someone who figures that, because the light is red, they have time to read and answer a few texts, check their email and adjust their lipstick. The light turns green, there are tons of cars behind them, but they don't go because they are too busy texting something like, "Tiffany and Chad broke up,"

My favorite thing to yell at those drivers is, "That's the