The 'Boom & Zoom' era is over in New Orleans.

As much as Saints fans would love to have kept Mark Ingram in New Orleans, he's a Raven now and that means there will no longer be a boom (Ingram) and a zoom (Kamara) in the Saints backfield. Well, Kamara will still provide the zoom, but his quarterback has already given a nickname to Alvin and his new "running mate."

The Saints scooped up former Vikings running back Latavious Murray in free agency to fill the void of the "boom" that Mark Ingram provided for the team since he was drafted back in 2011. Speaking with the media during OTAs Brees revealed the nickname for his two backs.

The nickname may sound familiar because, as Brees said, the "Thunder & Lightning" combination of power and speed is definitely the way the league is managing their backfields now.

Look around the league. You have that running back room that typically brings different skill sets and you are able to mix and match. I think our offense is proven that we do a lot of things with two backs in the game. It just gives us a lot of flexibility and gives a lot for the defense to have to worry about and game plan for. We’re only three days into it, but I’m impressed with what I’ve seen with him.

There are very few bell cow backs in the NFL that literally "do it all" on every down and if any team can tell you about the benefits of having that versatility in their backfield, it's the New Orleans Saints.

But if you ask Murray, he'll tell you that he isn't in New Orleans to replace Mark Ingram. He's there to make his own way with his time in a Saints uniform.

Regardless of what we call them, I'm ready to see both backs suit up in the Saints prolific offense.

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