I guess this article is just as much for me as it is to share information with you. I tend to abuse my drain. My theory is that if it fits in the drain the garbage disposal will take care of it. Now I haven't had that blow up in my face, but I'll bet it's just a matter of time until it does.

The folks at Food & Wine have put together a handy list of things you should never put down the drain even if you have a turbo charged disposal. The list includes such innocuous items as butter and egg shells, but it turns out they can do a lot of damage to you disposal.

Here are a few items from the "no-no" list

1.  Substances like grease, butter and mayonnaise can really clog those drains something fierce. Items like that tend to form some pretty solid blockages in your drain when they mix with the crud that is already in your drain pipes.

2.  Egg shells.  I never knew this, but it turns out that egg shells can actually damage the blades in your disposal. The shells will also bond with other things in your pipes and create quite a clog.

3. Rice and Pasta - Wish I had a nickel for all the rice and pasta I've sent down the drain. The experts say that pasta and rice can actually expand once they are in your drain and, as we all know, it can create quite a clog.

4.  Flour - Now, I never would have thought twice about flour. I guess I just haven't been thinking about what I was doing because, as the article points out; flour creates a very think sticky paste when it's wet. Just think of the massive, sticky clog we create when we send flour down the drain.

Dealing with a clogged drain is no fun and you never know when your drain might become so clogged that the handy kitchen plunger no longer does the job and you have to bring in a pro. Best to play it safe.

Here is the complete article from Food and Wine






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