it's something my dad taught me a long time ago. The secret to great bar-b-Que is keeping the meat moist, cooking it slow and add plenty of spice!

Today of course is a chicken wing kind of day. I prefer to put mine on the grill. I also prefer to use real chicken legs (not those little bitty things!) I light my grill first and allow time for the coals to get to the right temperature. This means going past the hottest point of the fire and cooking once the fire actually starts to cool just a bit. While that is happening I prepare the chicken. It's really very simple. I put a little canola oil in a bowl (you can use any kind of oil you wish.) Then I add a generous amount of Tony's.  You could also use salt, red pepper, a touch of garlic and a touch of celery salt. You add enough spices so that it is very thick. Then you dip each piece of chicken into this oil and spice mixture. It is ready to go on the grill.

ready for the grill
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As it cooks i brush it with what my dad calls a "base". It is made up mostly of water with a little oil and just a touch of vinegar and I add Tony's. You can spice as desired. Just before the chicken is done I brush on the sauce. Be careful at this point because sauce burns fast. You have to brush one side turn, brush the other and turn and continue doing this until you have a nice bar-b-Que sauce glaze on your chicken. Here is what mine looks like today. Dig in!

Dig in!
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