Antonio Brown has been in legal trouble as of late, but this is on some other level.

There is certainly no discounting that Britney Taylor has accused Brown of sexually assaulting her on three occasions. However, he now has to answer to these allegations that he not only farted on/near this doctor more than once, but he also skipped out on his bill.

Dr. Victor Prisk runs Prisk Orthopaedics and Wellness (POW) in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. According to Sports Illustrated, Prisk took Brown on as a client in August of 2018. Brown has a reputation of being a "flighty" patient within the athletic community.

And, to make this story even more weird, Brown's associate captured video of Prisk doing a body fat test on Brown, while he farts.

This is obviously bizarre behavior for a then 30-year-old man to do, but the real problem is that he skipped out on his bill. Prisk is suing Brown for $11,500 in damages.

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