Of all of our senses, it's smell that stays with us the longest.  Have you ever been somewhere and said, it smells like my grandma's house? And then, all those wonderful memories of your precious grandma come flooding back.  Well,  I want the same for my family and friends to be able to say, it smells yummy and inviting when they come in my home.

Since so many folks are sensitive to strong smells and chemicals, I look for more natural ways to create a pleasant ambiance for my home..  So here's a quick, simple, and inexpensive recipe for making my home smell marvelous!

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Take a mason jar and tap holes in the lid (like we used to when catching firefly's)

Pour about half a small box of baking soda into the jar

add about five drops of your favorite essential oil (i love lavender)

mix and display and enjoy a refreshing smell every time you come in the door.

I found this wonderful natural air freshener recipe on Review This, The Best Air Freshener for People with Sensitivities written by Dawn Rae.  She shares the information on where to find the essential oils to scent your natural air freshener.