If a bill that is before the Louisiana Legislature right now passes, Louisiana will become the first state to have digital driver's licenses. that's a pretty cool thing since our phones are the modern day versions of wallets. After all, you can save your credit cards in there and use your phone to pay at certain retail outlets, so why not get rid of one more thing in our wallets?

If the bill passes. Louisiana residents will also have the option to download a very low-cost app and carry their license in their phone. Of course, there are a lot of stipulations abut just how accepted this method will be.

While the new digital license will be accepted as identification by law enforcement, it will be up to places like retail stores whether or not to accept the new digital license. While the whole idea seems like a really great idea, it's not without it's critics.

Some feel that it could lead to even more identity theft. There is also the problem of losing your phone. Not only will your phone have all your contacts on it, but also just about everything else an identity thief would need to know to do some pretty good damage if you don't lock your phone.

If the bill does pass, Louisiana would be leading the way and, do doubt other states would soon follow suit.

That bill is scheduled to hit the House floor this coming Monday, May 2.

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