The other day, something happened and I thought to myself, He'd argue with a sign that just said,"No." That thought made me think about my mom and all the old sayings and such she used. She had quite a few of them and from time to time, I find myself using some of them.

I got to thinking about the subject of these old sayings and I wondered just how many folks have parents who were always using platitudes and old sayings. It's interesting to see just how many of these old sayings are used just in certain parts of the country and how many are used, but slightly altered, according to the region of the country.

So, here we go. Did your folks have any sayings like these?

You smell like a billy goat in an asfidity patch - I had to look up "asfidity." It's sort of a plant and it stinks like hell. AT one time people wore a small bag of asfidity around their necks to ward off colds. I assume it also wards off everyone else as well.

He’d argue with a sign that didn’t say anything but, “no.”

He’d tell a lie when the truth would sound better

He was drunker than Cooter Brown - To this day I wonder who Cooter Brown was. There are several articles about it on the net. It's just that all of them sound more like guessing than fact.

You didn’t get a lick a miss - In other words; You may not have done whatever it was you got a smack for, but I'm positive that you have done something to deserve it

He couldn’t poor piss out of a boot if the instruction on how to do it were printed on the bottom of the heel - Of course, if the instructions were on the bottom of the heel, you pour it out while reading the instructions.

Dear Gussy - I have no idea on this one. My mom would say it every time someone was be really particular. "Well, dear Gussy."

Sam Jones - This is actually one of my Grandfather Ward's sayings. Anytime he thought anyone was telling him a tall tale, he'd start singing, "Sam Jones, Sam Jones

If you gave him a ticket to heaven he’d complain about the color of the ticket - This was usually used to describe someone who was either negative or never satisfied. A real habitual complainer.

And finally, if you asked my mom what day it was, she would say, "Thursday ( or whatever day it was) if it doesn't rain.

Did your parents have sayings like these?

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