The Cowboys jumped out to a big early lead when their defense handed them the ball on a short field three times in a row. The Tigers won an old fashioned smash mouth football game.

McNeese State
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When your defense gives you the ball inside the other teams twenty yard line to start your first three drives of the game ... you usually get a win. The Pokes were up 21-0 before some of the crowd had finished their hot dogs. The final score of 41-21 would make you think that the Cowboys offense had flourished when it was really the defense's night. Brent Spikes three interceptions (one for a pick six) and 148 yards in interception return yards put the nail in Incarnate Word's coffin. The 148 return yards set a McNeese and SLC record. McNeese is on the road again next week with a tougher test as they take on Northwestern. McNeese is one of five Southland Conference teams with one loss sitting at the top of the standings. It's going to be a wild finish in the Southland Conference.

Defense was also dominating further east on I-10 in Death Valley. The Tigers won a 10-7 war with Ole Miss. It just took the Tigers two sustained long drives to get the win. LSU had a 90 yard drive for a field goal near the end of the second quarter and a 95 yard drive near the end of the game for a touchdown that sealed the upset win over #3 ranked Ole Miss. The Tigers ran the ball 55 times for 264 yards including running the ball every play of their game winning drive except the scoring play. The Tigers surprised Ole Miss with a three yard touchdown pass from Anthony Jennings to Logan Stokes and Tiger Stadium went wild. The Tigers travel to Auburn next Saturday.

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