With the proliferation of cameras these days, we've gotten to see a lot of really strange things that, in the past, we could only read about. Case in point is this video. The driver of the car, just happened to have his dashcam going when, out of nowhere, a small airplane made an emergency landing on a city street in Irvine, California.

The plane in question first comes into frame at about :04 into the video and watching it scoot through the intersection is about as surreal as anything I've ever seen. I can only imagine how all the people in that intersection felt when they saw the plane. By the way, if you look very closely, the plane actually had a green light on it's side of the intersection.

the driver of the vehicle, made his turn to the right and followed the plane to where it was safely on the ground and in the right-hand lane of the roadway. What are the odds of capturing such a strange event? By the way, the plane was having engine trouble and no one was injured in the incident. Let's hear it for the driver of the car who lucked into this video.

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