As predicted, what was just 'Invest 96' a few days ago is now officially Hurricane Danny. At this point Danny was to far out in the Atlantic for anyone do do any real predicting about the future movement of the storm or the life expectancy of the hurricane.

As is often discussed this year, it is possible that once Danny gets into the Caribbean or the Gulf, the El Nino effect could kill the storm completely with its high level wind shears.

According to the National Weather Service:

The latest model guidance remains in very good agreement on Danny moving west-northwestward for the next 48-72 hours toward a weakness in the subtropical ridge along 60W longitude. A mid- to upper-level trough north of Bermuda is forecast by the global models to begin lifting out to the north in 96-120 hours, which should allow the subtropical ridge to the north of Danny to build back westward, forcing Danny on a more westward track on days 4 and 5.


Again, it's still too early to know exactly what Danny will do next, but we'll continue to monitor Danny and keep you up to date right here.