Alligators;  Always looking for a handout...Get it? A HAND...OUT- that way. But if you spend time near any of the local waterways, be advised that gators seem to be on the prowl.


In the past few weeks, several people have reported seeing alligators near the 210 bridge. We all know they are out there, but they seem to be getting bolder. Folks launching boats in the 210 area..picnickers and kids playing near the water could be in danger.

One reason the gators are hanging out at the beach so much is that people are feeding them. Here's a quick reality check on feeding the gators.

People feed gators..gators begin to think of people as "food bringers"...People STOP feeding alligators..gators see people as FOOD. See how it works?

There are a lot of folks around the water ways this time of year. Boaters, kids and pets are all getting into water where alligators are being "trained" to come look for food. It's a perfect scenario for tragedy.

The folks at Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries and the Rockefeller Refuge are working to deal with the alligator problem. Meanwhile, OHSEP Director Dick Gremillion is urging residents to not feed the alligators. He says they've received reports of residents feeding alligators in the 210 area and in Contraband Bayou.

If you are going to be near the water anytime, be aware of what's going on around you.  the kids may not like it, but it would be wise to keep kids out of the water and away from the shoreline in areas where gators have been spotted.



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