Meet Tommy Hardy, he's autistic, he has cerebral palsy, he's confined to a wheelchair, and he loves Halloween.  So every year his dad Tom makes him an elaborate costume to trick-or-treat in.  And this year was no different from the rest.

Costumes that he's made Tommy in the past are a police car, one of the dragons from Game of Thrones, and X-wing fighter from Stars Wars, and many more.

This year he brought out the big guns...literally...Tommy is going as a fighter jet.  More specifically a SR-71 Blackbird, a stealth fighter that the Air Force used from the mid '60s through the late '90s.

His dad spent over 100 hours making it and it only cost him $75.  That's pretty thrifty.

The costume is dedicated to both of Tommy's grandparents that both served in the Air Force during Vietnam. They both passed away earlier this year.