My friend Julie Fay and my daughter, Annie are all excited because CyPhaCon is coming up this weekend at the Lake Charles Civic Center. Julie is also busy getting her costume ready because she goes all out for such things. I do believe that is the main fun in attending CyPhaCon. I've never been, but my friends who go have a great time.

If your not familiar with the phenomenon that is CyPhaCon, here's what it's all about:

CyPhaCon is an annual three-day media convention now going into it's seventh successful year, held in Spring at the Lake Charles Civic Center. Those who attend can indulge a number of interests: Science Fiction & Fantasy media of every stripe, Anime, Board, Immersion & Video Gaming, Costuming Role-play (Cosplay), and celebrity meet-up & photo ops. Additionally, there are costume contests, music groups, charity auctions, and other fun and eventful activities to go along with the general hob-nobbing of genre fandom.

There should be plenty to see and do at CyPhaCon 2017 because, this year, it's going to occupy all 3 floors of the Lake Charles Civic Center and the Rosa Hart Theater.

CyPhaCon fans will be especially happy at the very reasonable ticket prices as well:

WEEKEND ( all 3 Days )    $40

Friday Only   – $20

Saturday Only  – $35

Sunday Only – $15

Children – 7-13  ( weekend 3 day )   $15

Children 6-under – FREE

FAMILY DAY SATURDAY ( 2 Adults, 2 Children to the age of 13 )    $ 75

Military and Senior Discounts at the door $5 Off any day or weekend pass.

For ticket info, click here.

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