A long-term hurricane recovery plan for Calcasieu Parish is in the works according to Calcasieu Parish Police Jury(CPPJ) spokesperson, Laura Heller. The communities input in needed to help decide on what areas need the most attention throughout the city and the parish.

For months a team of six stakeholder groups have been doing research to comprise a plan that would help Calcasieu Parish recover and fully rebuild from damage caused by the 2020 storms. The CPPJ received the first draft of the Calcasieu Long-Term Community Recovery Plan July 22 at their regular meeting. It is available for the public to review and make a comment on here.

In addition, the public is invited to offer an opinion on the hurricane recovery in person. The input meeting will take place August 2, at the SEED Center, located at 4130 Ryan Street. CPPJ members and the stakeholder groups who constructed the framework for the recovery plan will all be on hand to answer questions, take input and explain ideas behind the first draft.

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