The New York Post is reporting that top fashion designers around the world are showcasing new lines of skirts...for MEN!

We're not talking kilts here people.  We're talking ankle length and frilly the ones women wear.  Look, if you're wearing a kilt, you look like a warrior to me.  You look like your ready for whatever to jump off!  I mean come on, William Wallace wore a kilt and he lead a revolution!

Case in point, see below:

So many questions in my head.  Is this worse than the men's romper craze?  What are these designers thinking?  Why would any man wear this?  One thing I do know for sure, you'll never see Mikey O in a skirt!

Cam Newton wore a romper to music festivals and press conferences.  I wonder if he has a skirt on pre-order?

Let us know in the comments if you would rock a man skirt?

To check out more pictures of this new "fashion", I don't know what to call it, "trend"... CLICK HERE!

These pictures are hilarious!  In the first picture, they all have sports sneakers on, like their going to hoop it up after the fashion show.  Can you image a guy in a skirt charging the lane or boxing out for the rebound?  Me neither.  Another picture shows a lot of dudes with no tops on and what looks like to be an evening wear skirt on.

At a certain point after seeing these photos, you get to the point where you become just speechless.  And I'm there, so I'll go ahead and end this article.

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