Here you go. It's 100 years of men's fashions in just under 3:00. Unlike women's fashions that change every 3:00, men's fashions are pretty darned slow to change. Even when the fashions change, most men are slow to adapt to the new fashions if they adapt at all.

We've all seen tons of men who are dressed in last decades fashions. the guys who wore the leisure suits well into the 90s. The guys that refuse to let go of the mullet and a million other fashion hold overs.

Is it any wonder that most guys prefer T-shirts and jeans? T-shirts and jeans are pretty safe. they're not likely to go out of fashion next fall and, since it's just jeans, you don't have to make a lot of color coordination decisions.

I wonder if 100 years of women's fashions could be covered in under 3:00.

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