Back in April, a surveyon CONSPIRACY THEORIES found 7% of Americans believe the moon landing was fake, 11% believe the government knew about 9/11 in advance, and 4% believe the U.S. is run by shape-shifting reptiles.

But wait -- the insanity doesn't end there.

I have a way of dealing with most conspiracy folks who start spouting things like, 'The government killed John Lennon." is to ask them to fill in the blank in the following sentence:

'So that they could______________.".

I don't get a lot of good answers. I've been told, in the case of John Lennon, that it was because he was outspoken about the Vietnam War. So -- They had him killed in 1980? Seriously? maybe they wanted him to stop staying home and baking bread or they were afraid of the song, 'Just Like Starting Over.'

And now, the results of that survey:


The people behind that survey just ran another one on a brand new set of conspiracy theories . . . and once again, the American people did NOT disappoint.  Here are the results . . .

54% believe it's EASY to have a person KILLED and get away with it if you have enough money.

36% believe the Obama administration is secretly trying to take away everyone's guns.

32% believe major sporting events, like the NBA Finals or Super Bowl, are sometimes RIGGED by referees and league officials to get better ratings.

25% believe President Obama is secretly trying to figure out a way to stay in office beyond 2017.

23% believe the U.S. government participated in assassinating political leaders who spread a political message they didn't like . . . including MARTIN LUTHER KING JR. and BOBBY KENNEDY.

19% believe there's a secret society producing America's political and financial leaders that only serves the interests of the rich elite.

17% believe, quote, "a group of world bankers is slowly eliminating paper currency until most banking is electronic, and then will cut the power grid so most citizens will not have access to money and will be forced into worldwide slavery."

12% believe the U.S. government participated in assassinating entertainers who tried to spread a, quote, "counterculture message" . . . including JOHN LENNON, KURT COBAIN, and TUPAC SHAKUR.

6% believe the MEN IN BLACK are real, and there is a government organization that stops people from finding out about aliens living among us on Earth.

And finally, 3% believe the government has secretly allowed aliens to take over society in exchange for help with technological advances, like electricity and the microwave.


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