One thing about a cold front at this time of year is the immediate and beautiful after-weather. That is the period we're coming into now for the next few days with cool temperatures and cold clear nights. Perfectly clear starry shimmery chilly nights to make a nice fire in the pit, roast some marshmallows and gaze upward at the heavens, for ufos.

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Between you and me statistically one of us or 61% of all of us according to a recent poll believe in "some form of life on other planets". Another 60% of those believe we ought to be trying to reach out to the aliens, send them a signal or poke them. I say leave them alone we might be poking at some kind of super intelligent fire ant alien society or some hornet-like bee species and you know how stirring up ant beds and beehives work out.

Aliens with super intelligence don't have to always be obnoxious Alf or helpful Yoda, they could literally be an angry race of scorpions and asps. Even the culturally ubiquitous grey looking ones typically depicted in the movies have developed an ugly reputation for kidnapping rural people who travel the back roads alone late at night, tying them down on a cold table and sucking their brains through their noses and other uncomfortable examinations.

But the next few evenings and nights following the big snowblowing cold front promise to be nice enough to bravely enjoy beverages outdoors without mosquito invasions, loading up the firepit and enjoy gazing the night skies. According to this map of reported UFO sightings from 1995-2014, the Gulf Coast through Louisiana and conveniently along I10 is a decently productive area to catch a glimpse of the unknowable.

There is a feature on that map that lets you poke around at the actual descriptions of real sightings by year, by day by the hour so you'll get a feel for what you're looking for out there above the patio in the still night air.



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