Now, I've never been a Cleveland Browns fan, but I have always felt sorry for them. let's face it, they've never really had a powerhouse team and they always seem to be pointed out as an example of bad football, but Sunday afternoon while watching TV, I found myself watching the Browns play the Ravens I found myself rooting for the Browns.

It was actually a pretty good game, but one play in particular really stand out and it's something I've never seen happen on a football field. the Browns were all lined up for a pass play and tight end Gary Barnidge was in the clear right by the goal line. The pass went up but Barnidge didn't exactly catch the pass in the traditional way.

When Barnidge made contact with the ball, it wasn't with his hand. Instead he caught the ball between his calves. As he went down he had the presence of mind to hold the ball tightly between his calves then reach down and pull it up to his chest. The refs ;looked a bit lost for a moment before they signaled the touchdown.

By the way, the Browns won the game in overtime by the narrow margin of 33-30.



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