In our new normal, we continue to see businesses going bankrupt, unable to return from the coronavirus pandemic. Chuck E. Cheese could be next on that list.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting the company has hit hard times since COVID-19 shut down the world and recently reached out to their lenders to help raise money to avoid filing for bankruptcy after amassing a $1 billion debt.

Chuck E. Cheese has been a favorite childhood destination since it first opened its doors in 1977. The pizza chain was the brainchild of Noah Bushnell, who also founded Atari.

The company fell on hard times in the '80s and was bought out by ShowBiz Pizza Place. However, if they do file for bankruptcy, it would be the company's first. In recent months, Chuck E. Cheese has starting selling delivery pizzas on several pizza order apps around the country under the name of Pasqually’s Pizza & Wings. If you're versed in the story arc of the company's universe, you'll recognize that name as Chuck E. Cheese's chef character.

I hope the company survives. It's not even about the tired argument of whether or not their pizza is good. It's about kids having a blast every time they go there, playing games and eating pizza, guaranteed.

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