Suzi Pratt/Getty Images Entertainment

Okay, I've made jokes about this before. Have you ever eaten at a restaurant where the food is actually so good that you dine there as often as possible? Well, the joke is that they lace is with crack to you get addicted to the food in that place.

Well, one restaurateur in China must have heard the joke and taken it to heart. A man who owns a restaurant in the Shaanxi province of China has confessed that, to keep customers coming back to his place, he added pulverized poppy buds to his dishes. Now, while the poppies in The Wizard of Oz made them sleep, the real thing contains narcotics along the lines of morphine and codeine. In other words he was serving up Egg Foo Yung that would get you addicted.

The restaurateur got busted in a round about way. It seems that one of his customers tested positive for opiates and the poor guy couldn't figure out why. After a little investigating, all they could figure out was that he must have accidentally ingested the drugs and, since he ate at this one restaurant a lot, that must be the culprit.

It turns out that this is not the only restaurant in China that has these "special seasonings." A Shanghai restaurant owner was sentenced to 10 months in jail for spicing up soups with morphine and back in March of 2014, police arrested a Shanghai restaurant owner for using another poppy based drug called Narceine.

You'll love this, because the dish he "souped up" is a favorite crayfish dish. It ain't  etouffee! I wonder if this is why I can't stay away from Ball's Fried Chicken.