Just like many others I've spent some time in the haunted plantations along the Mississippi River looking into mirrors to see if the poisonous cook was looking back at me, or listening for the cries and rattles of chains of tormented souls while strolling through a New Orleans graveyard, and most of the time with no results.

Last week in San Antonio, Texas, the owner of the  Wall of Fame Cafe' noticed some posts along her in-store Walk of Stars had been knocked over. Of course, she figured intruders or late leaving customers had knocked them down, but when it happened two days in a row she started playing back her surveillance videos, and that's when the hair on the back of her neck stood up and her blood ran cold.

"You can see the image of a little boy, but then you can almost see a man" said April Ward the owner of the cafe'.  Ward felt frightened "freaked the hell out" were her words and she didn't want to be in the building, much less allow customers in so she closed it down and called in the Ghostbusters... ok, they weren't Dan Akroyd and company but local paranormal experts who set up all of their equipment and actually communicated with the ghosts. Kind of.

The experts set up all of their equipment and when the weirdness began, also began to question the apparitions. The leader of the pack is a boy named Peter, and his five ghostly friends that play in the cafe are Don, Tammy, Jesse, Stephen, and Amber.

Through further questioning, the experts determined the ghosts were friendly and mean to cause no harm, just a few kids from the afterlife playing hopscotch in the cafe and knocking over things. Who knew ghosts were clumsy.

So Ward reopened the cafe' whose normal business hours are 11 AM to 6 PM but she is allowing guests to stay the night Monday through Wednesday this week at the cafe' located at 2402 East Houston Street to see if they can catch a glimpse of the friendly ghostly kids, live.

The business is located in an old section of San Antonio, not a mile from The Alamo and Ripleys Believe it Or Not Odditorium, which of course is a perfect setting for things like this. Do ghosts ever inhabit new buildings?

There is no word on the origination of the children or speculation as to which century or time period they originally existed in or whether they knew each other previously in life, or only met and got together as friends on, the other side.

For more details and a video of the spooky events click here.

Photo: Google Earth - Wall of Fame Cafe' 2402 East Houston Street, San Antonio Texas (Dec 2017)
Photo: Google Earth - Wall of Fame Cafe' 2402 East Houston Street, San Antonio Texas (Dec 2017)

Note: While writing this post the author felt a cold chill run down his back, but upon looking up discovered condensation from the overhead air conditioning vent dripping down. Whew!

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