Ever since there have been TV and movie stars, they've been making bad records.  While some folks in the movie and TV industry also really do have musical talent, most were asked to make records just because they were famous.


Here are 5 stars who made records that shouldn't have.

Let's start with the infamous (and famous via Family guy) reading of "Rocket Man" by William Shatner



Next up...One of my favorite actors! Joe Pesci...Who took on the Beatles' song "Got to Get You Into My Life"


It doesn't matter whether he was playing Ted Baxter on Mary Tyler Moore or Judge Smails in Caddyshack, Ted Knight canNOT sing. Let's all listen to Ted butcher the old Barry Mann hit "Who Put the Bomp"

When I went in search of "Bad Celeb Albums", I had no idea that Crispin Glover (best known as George McFly from "Back to the Future") had ever made a record.  If you've ever seen him on a talk show, you know that he is a pretty quirky fellow. Here's his take on "These Boots are Made for Walking"

Since we started with Captain Kirk, it's only fair that we should wrap with his fellow space traveler Leonard Nimoy. Here he is....Mr. Spock...In a really folky mood!


There will be more to come!


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