You gotta love Canada. It's just so...Canadian, isn't it? WE love the way they say "A Boot" for "about" and OOT for"out" and all that stuff. There's also the fact aht Canadians are extremely polite as well. No doubt, our neighbors to the North are very concerned for us right now.

Now, Canadians have rallied around America for a long time and, anytime we've had any kind of tragedy or disaster, the Canadians have always been right there for us. After 9/11, they were supportive and now they want to come to our support again. The difference this time is that Canada is concerned about the two choices we have for president.

Canada, like almost all the rest of th world, sems to think we've gotten ourselves in a real jam wiht the political atmosphere that exists in this country right now. They are so concerned that they put together a little video of encouragement.

Patronizing or sincere? You decide!