On March 1st of this year a trash clean up crew found a severed head south of Hackberry on Highway La 27.  Yesterday the Cameron Parish Sheriff's Office released a facial reconstruction profile of what they believe the victim looks like.

Cameron coroner Susan Dupont stated they used the LSU FACES Lab to help create the image from forensic evidence and the the bone structure of the severed head found.

Cameron Parish Sheriff's Office
Cameron Parish Sheriff's Office

Dupont stated the victim had been dead for an estimated 1-6 weeks before being found.  She is believed to be white or Hispanic and around 30-50 years old.

Cameron Parish Sheriff Ron Johnson said her DNA has been sent to a genealogy lab.

From that, what we hope to achieve is the family of the victim, maybe even the location of that victim's family. -  Sheriff Johnson

If you recognize this women please contact the authorities:

  • Cameron Coroner - 337-499-5766
  • Cameron Sheriff 337-775-5111
  • Calcasieu Coroner - 337-477-7537

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