Voters in Calcasieu Parish have a very important proposal to consider at the polls and that proposal involves teacher pay raises. There's a subject that has been a hot issue for years now and this is our chance to make our wished known regarding education.

Educators in this area haven't seen a raise in pay since 2008 and, I'm sure you know, the cost of living has gone up a bit since that time.
At issue on the ballot is whether to give teachers a raise which will require an
increase in sales taxes by half a cent.

If the proposal is approved by voters, consumers will have to pay an extra 50 cents for every 100 dollars they spend. That tax increase will add more than 22 million dollars to the district.

The tax increase will pump more than 22 million dollars into the district and could possibly attract more teachers. The raise would also mean salary increases for support staff, including anyone from bus drivers to the superintendent.

Kirby Smith, Public Information Officer with the Calcasieu Parish School Board, said the money will only fund salaries and benefits.

More information regarding the proposal can be found on the Calcasieu Parish School Board website.

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