The Calcasieu Parish School Board approved an online virtual school beginning in August of this year.

Marlisa Harding of The American Press is reporting that the CPSB is creating a virtual school program that will be offered to high school students.  It will work parallel with the Lake Charles-Boston Academy and it will only admit students who are currently enrolled in home-school programs.

Louisiana Department of Child Welfare reported recently that upwards of 750 children have left public education because of curriculum concerns, bullying, or mental health reasons.  The CPSB hopes this alternative will give parents and students the freedom they need and still provide them with the TOPS core curriculum.

That's right, you can qualify for TOPS with this new virtual school program!

Joe Raedle/Getty Images
Joe Raedle/Getty Images

Another perk of being a virtual student on the new CPSB program, they are only required to score a 20 on the ACT to qualify for TOPS.   On the other hand, home-schooled students must score a 22 to qualify for TOPS.

For more information on the CPSB virtual school pgram, call Lake Charles-Boston Academy at 217-4390.

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