Captain Clay Higgins, better known as 'The Cajun John Wayne" became an almost overnight Youtube sensation ever since he posted his open warning to the notorious Gremlins Gang. In that video he challenged the gang to try something in his parish. That uber popular video really stirred up a hornets nest of controversy and that lead to his resignation from the St. Landry Parish Sheriff's Office.

We posted another great video by Higgins yesterday and then today, we learned that the Cajun John Wayne's name may soon be appearing on an election ballot. Higgins is expected to announce a run for congress this Sunday. Higgins says the latest video was produced to "test the waters" for that potential run for office adding that reaction to the video will be a deciding factor on whether or not he will seek office.

In this, the year of the "outsider" when it comes to politics, Higgins couldn't be more outside as he is highly critical of those who currently hold office both in the state and nationally. Higgins feels that career politicians lead sheltered lives and adds,

"Politicians today, they live very sheltered lives," said Higgins, "Like they breed them in laboratory experiments or something, and they grow up in a Petri dish with gated communities and private schools. They are almost cultured to become politicians, and I'm certainly not that guy,"

Higgins said the most logical options for his political future are the U.S. Senate race or Congressional District 3.

His official announcement will come Sunday.

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