America's Quarterback.

That's what Joe Burrow is quickly becoming at LSU.

Today, LSU beat Mississippi State 36-13, but an LSU win was expected. LSU scoring more than 30 was expected. Burrow throwing for over 300 yards and touchdowns is also pretty much a lock for any LSU game now.

But what Burrow is doing this year is nothing short of amazing, especially at a school with such rich football traditions. Joe Burrow is writing his name all over the LSU record books.

Today, Burrow went 25/32 for 327 yards and 4 touchdowns. One of those TDs tied the LSU single season record for passing touchdowns, the other broke that record. Joe Burrow now sits at the top of mountain of LSU quarterbacks with 29 passing touchdowns in 2019.

But the scary part of that? LSU has 5 games left.

Of those 5 games, LSU will face Auburn and Texas A&M, who you'd expect to play the pass tougher than Mississippi State or Vanderbilt. But at the same time, Burrow has gotten it done against Florida and Texas as well.

The rest of the schedule does include Arkansas and Ole Miss, which does line up for Burrow to add to his new record.

But the big x-factor is the November 9th game at Alabama.

If Burrow can find a way to keep his pace, and somehow lead the Tigers past 'Bama, Burrow will not only etch his name into the LSU record books, but into the conversation of the greatest player in LSU history.


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