We took it for granted and now it's gone. Of course, I'm talking about Blue Bell ice cream. We just assumed that that freezer at our favorite store would have all the Blue Bell we could ever want in an endless list of great flavors. then came the dreaded summer of 2015 and our supplies dried up.

It's not like we can go out on the street and buy black market Blue Bell. While Ben and Jerry's is good it just doesn't quite hit the mark. Häagen-Dazs® is okay.Their Salted Caramel Core is a tasty, decadent treat and all that, but where is our Blue Bell? Let's face it, there are just certain products out there that can't be duplicated.

Take coffee for example. I'm sure that there are some brands out there that are perfectly good. Folgers and Maxwell house are fine if there's nothing else available, but you know yourself that it's not real coffee. Of course not! Real coffee means Community.

There are all kinds of seasonings on the market. Heck, where I grew up, there was only Tex-Joy and I survived, but it's not Tony Chachere's, now is it? Let's face it there are products here in SOWELA that just can't be replaced and Blue Bell is one of them.

I hear rumors and rumblings that Blue Bell trucks have been spotted along I-10 and the rumor is that they are full of Blue Bell ice cream. Rumors also abound that Blue Bell will be back this fall. How great would that be? Just in time for Thanksgiving or maybe even Halloween. Who cares? Just bring back our Blue Bell. We promise never to take it for granted again.



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