A couple in Philadelphia had what appeared to be a beautiful wedding reception, then the bride dislocated her knee during the ceremonial first dance.

Julie Benn and Paul Richter reportedly had to adjust their wedding date last year due to COVID so when they planned their big day they hoped that it would go off without any incidents.

TikTok via liz_richter

Well, as the couple was dancing to start the night, Julie dislocated her knee and had to be assisted off of the dance floor.

Paramedics were called to the scene and they left with the bride. Luckily for the guests, the entertainment for the night never stopped.

The bride was taken to the hospital, treated, and returned to the reception a couple of hours later just as the night was about to end.

TikTok via liz_richter

Since the video below was posted, the couple has appeared on numerous programs and as you may expect, the video has gone viral.

The newlyweds say that they are now looking back on the mishap and laughing at it. I mean, what else is there to do?

TikTok via liz_richter

I hope the rest of their marriage is blessed and we wish them nothing but happiness. After all, the marriage really didn't start off on the right foot. See what I did there?

Check out the footage from Julie and Paul's big night here.


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To hear one of their interviews about the unfortunate situation on their wedding night, check out this interview from one of the local TV stations in their market. And yes, they're still laughing about the incident.


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