100 Movies Dance to Uptown Funk [VIDEO]
Who's ready to dance?  The people in 100 movies are!
Check out this incredible mix of dance scenes from 100 movies all synced to Uptown Funk.  From "Singing in the Rain" to "Flashdance" to "Magic Mike," you'll be amazed by all …
100 Places of Dance [VIDEO]
What started off as a bucket list item for this guy became a pretty cool video.  His original bucket list item (#22) was to learn how to dance.
He worked for months on this video to find a song, make the choreography and practice the dance routine 3 times a day to make sure he had it down to mus…
Awesome Christopher Walken Dance Moves [VIDEO]
Christopher Walken can dance! This video pieces all of his dance scenes together into one glorious remix that puts Walken's mad skills on display. He can do things on the dance floor that probably shouldn't be legal.
Hollywood Movie Dance Tribute [VIDEO]
I love dance scenes in movies.  You can always count on them to be entertaining...sometimes funny, sometimes sentimental, sometimes bad, but always entertaining.  Here are some of the greatest movie dance scenes all put together in one song...
Dancing through Cancer
You're about to undergo surgery -- a double mastectomy, no less -- to fight breast cancer.  You have no idea how the surgery is going to go.  What do you do in the moments before they put you under?  If you're Deborah Cohen, you just dance.
Have You Ever Twerked? [POLL]
Twerking seems to be the current rage. Does twerking with a foam finger like Miley Cyrus give twerking a bad name for those who just enjoy the dance ... or is twerking just nasty to start with. Take our poll and let us know if you have ever "twerked?"

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