I know. I feel your pain. It's really weird when super cool rock stars of the past start falling apart. (What the heck keeps the Rolling Stones Rolling?)

I remember back when Rob Grill, founder of the Grass Roots had to have hip replacement surgery. I thought, I'm getting old.

Well, prepare yourselves Queen fans; Brian May has had to replace a knee!

Recently, Queen guitarist Brian May revealed he had finally reached the point where he needed to undergo knee replacement surgery to hopefully help relieve chronic pain. Yesterday, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame guitarist underwent the operation and tweeted the procedure had been a complete success, writing that he was out of surgery “with a shiny new knee. This was no walk in the park (!) but for 1st time in months I feel optimistic and free of that OLD pain.”

Of course, in addition to being an amazing guitarist, May is also  Chancellor of Liverpool John Moores University.