This could be great news in an otherwise frustrating fight against dementia and Alzheimer's . New research seems to indicate that Beta-Blockers, commonly used to treat high blood pressure, may help prevent dementia.

Adam Berry/Getty Images)
Adam Berry/Getty Images)

Researchers are quick to point out that a great deal more research must be performed before they can suggest that Beta Blockers may completely ward of the cruel disease, but they are encouraged by the early results of their tests.

The findings of the study will be released at the American Academy of Neurology's meeting in march.

These results are exciting, especially since beta blockers are a common treatment for high blood pressure”

Study author Dr Lon White Pacific Health Research and Education Institute in Honolulu

People with high blood pressure are advised to see their doctor and get their condition under control to prevent associated complications like heart disease, stroke and vascular dementia.

The study in question was conducted on under 1,000 men in the U.K. However, Other research in a much larger sample of men - 800,000 in all - suggests another type of blood pressure drug known as an angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB) may cut dementia risk, including Alzheimer's disease, by as much as 50%.

While dementia and Alzheimer's are cruel diseases for anyone, lately, several stars have announced that they are suffering from the disease. Glen Campbell has now retired from the road because of Alzheimer's. 60's pop star Bobby Vee (Take Good Care of My Baby) also recently diagnosed with the problem as also had to abandon the road.

We'll keep you posted on these findings and hope that more and even better news will be released soon.


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