Beautiful caucasian woman driving car and talking on cell phone

Louisiana lawmakers are pushing through a new bill that would make it a crime to hold your cell phone while talking when your vehicle is moving.

Representative Mike Huval created the bill and says he has been trying to pass the same legislation for years. He argues that a new trend is people FaceTiming while driving, which is very dangerous because it takes your attention off the road. Huval went on to say that if a person is traveling on the interstate and watches an object for four seconds without looking at anything else, they've already traveled 400 yards. That's about four football fields in length.

According to the Louisiana House of Representatives, 24 other states have already passed similar laws. Those states have seen a decrease in driving accidents and fatalities on their roadways.

Louisiana drivers will still be able to use their phones while driving by using Bluetooth, speakerphone, or earpieces. If the bill is passed, violators will be fined $100 on their first offense, $300 on their second offense, and fined $300 with a possible suspension of their driver's license.

There will be a few exceptions to the law, which doesn't apply to law enforcement or firefighters while they are on duty.

The bill is now headed to the Senate for full debate and, if passed, could become law as early as next year.

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