Big changes are coming to Texas Walmart stores and it might affect your pocketbook.

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Walmart is still the king of low prices and a stop that most people make several times a week. However, those stops could start to cost you more if you use a certain item at these Texas Walmart stores.

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The good news is, that even with these big policy changes, great deals and values can still be found on every aisle in Walmart. In fact, there are several Facebook groups you can join that share all the great BOLO clearance deals, and markdowns in Walmart stores.

If you use coupons at any Walmart store in Texas, you'll need to know more about Walmart's new company-wide changes to their coupon policy.

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What Changed With Walmart's Coupon Policy In Texas Stores?

  • The Elimination of Overage - Regardless of the cost of the item, Walmart would always honor coupons to the fullest extent possible. You would receive cash back or have the difference applied to your next purchase if the value of your coupon exceeded the purchase price. This used to be nice, but don't count on this anymore.
  • Limit on 4 identical coupons per day per household - Your order will be stopped during the checkout process if you attempt to utilize four identical coupons per day per household at the register. They will not be accepted from the same household.
    No More Overrides - When checking out, the register now determines if the coupon is valid. In select circumstances a register worker would validate the manufacturer coupons or management would called to validate the manufacturer coupons, but not anymore. If the manufacturer coupon doesn't scan, it will not be accepted.
  • No More Digital Coupons - Walmart will no longer accept digital coupons on a customer's phone.
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TLC YouTube

For more details on the coupon policy changes in Texas Walmart stores, click here.

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