Halloween is coming up fast and one of the fall favorites that we see around this time of year is caramel apples. I do have a fondness for both caramel and candied apples, but according to an article on ABC News, caramel apples can be dangerous. How could something so good be deadly you ask? Well, last year, 7 people died from caramel apples.

It seems that just dipping an apple in hot caramel doesn't kill all the bacteria on the skin of the apple. In fact, it's the dipping that helps the bacteria multiply since the caramel provides an insulated layer that actually helps the bacteria grow and multiply. The articles also warns that, if the apples are kept in the fridge for a long time after they are dipped, it's even worse.

The culprit in this whole story is one we've heard a lot about lately and that is Listeria. We all know about Blue Bell and their problem with Listeria earlier this year and now were told that caramel apples can have the same problem. First Blue Bell and now the wonderful caramel apple? Is nothing sacred anymore?

There is good news about caramel apples and that is this: the article goes on to say that if the apples are thoroughly washed before they are dipped and if they are consumed in just a few days, you should be safe. Of course, if you don't want to risk it, there are plenty of other ways to give the kids, or yourself a wonderful sugar rush for Halloween.