5 Under Golf Center, formerly known as Games People Play, is adding 2 Topgolf-branded features (Toptracer Range & Topgolf Swing Suites) in June this year.

This renovation, which will add interactive virtual simulators, new outdoor hitting bays and a bar/restaurant.

It all started back when 5 Under Golf Center owner Austin Williams received a call from Topgolf executives in December asking him to meet them at the annual PGA event in Orlando.

Williams' has stated his $1.2 million investment will help attract a more youthful crowd without abandoning its original clientèle.

Tiger Woods made golf cool, Topgolf is making it cooler...we want to partner with people who are doing the opposite of what everyone else is doing, and that's what we think we're doing with this. - Austin Williams

For as low as $4 per person and $25 for a group, you'll be able to play Toptracer Range, a ball-tracking system that analyzes shots hit on a driving range. Ten outdoor hitting bays are scheduled to be operational by June.

Michael Loccisano
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

Inside the facility, 4 Topgolf Swing Suites will be ready to rock in the middle of June this year. Golfers will hit balls into large screens that virtually simulate a golf course. The suites will be stacked with awesome perks like: lounge seating, big-screen televisions and a virtual putting green. All that for only $60 to rent...not bad.

For more information on the 5 Under Golf Center, visit there website.

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