The scams are coming fast and furious these days. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) the latest scam involves people claiming they are from Entergy and are collecting past due amounts.

Like most of these scams, the caller will be nice enough to let you pay that over due amount right there on the phone with your credit or cash card. These people will take your personal information offering to solve the problem for you, and the next thing you know, your account will be drained.

Here is the official press release from the BBB.

According to the BBB, this is how this little charade works:

Scammers will call and claim to be collecting late bills from Entergy and the bill must be paid immediately. The scammer will then tell you that the bill must be paid with a prepaid debit card. Right then, alarms should go off in your head that something is just night right with this scenario.

According to the BBB:

Prepaid debit cards are becoming an increasingly popular method of payment for scammers. Wire transfer services have tightened their security, so crooks have turned to these prepaid cards instead. The cards are difficult to trace, and you do not need photo identification to collect or spend the money.

If you get a call from anyone claiming to represent Entergy or any other utility and they pressure you for immediate payment especially on a prepaid debit card, you should hang up and call the customer service department of the utility in question. If it turns out to be a legitimate call, you can handle the problem directly with the company in question.

Better to be overly cautious than to find that you've been had by scammers.