My friends Tod Ardoin and James Bitner are going to love this, because it proves something that they have said for years!

Finally, there is proof that bacon is indeed the king of foods. Here is the math that shows that bacon makes everything better.

Let's hear if for pig farmers! Bacon, ham and pork chops all from one great animal!

This isn't going to come as a surprise to those of us who like bacon with everything . . . including our bacon . . . but there's now MATHEMATICAL PROOF that bacon makes pretty much everything better.

"Wired" magazine analyzed almost 50,000 recipes on the Food Network website, and found that when they compared recipes that did and didn't include bacon, the ones with bacon almost ALWAYS got higher ratings.

The only exceptions were pasta and dessert.  Bacon makes those worse.  It makes EVERYTHING else better.

Their study also figured out the eight biggest FOOD FADS since 2007.  These are the foods or ingredients that made GIGANTIC JUMPS in recipes over the past six years.

The eight biggest food fads, in chronological order, are:  Low-carb . . . Portobello mushrooms . . . cupcakes . . . bacon (???) . . . gluten free . . . Sriracha . . . quinoa . . . and salted caramel.

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